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QuietCut® Pro

Increasing Production - Not Cost

QuietCut® Pro is a revolutionary design in cutting tools for surfacing applications. The QuietCut ® Pro offers major advantages over the typical straight or staggered knife tools on the market today.

QuietCut R Pro’s revolutionary design combines a true helical orientation of the inserts, along with the insert mounted on a shear angle. This technology enables the sheared inserts to stay in contact with the surface of the wood with each revolution. The QuietCut® Pro’s design reduces spindle and machine vibration, and progresses the cut across the wood surface for a smooth finish and an extremely long tool life.

The QuietCut R Pro lives up to its name—it can reduce sound levels by 20dB per spindle!

  • True helical orientation of the inserts
  • Insert mounted on a shear angle
  • Continuous helical with sheared inserts
  • Stay in contact with the surface of the wood with each revolution
  • Reduced spindle and machine vibration
  • Smooth finish
  • Long tool life