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New Generation Insert Tooling

Misenheimer NG insert tooling is designed and engineered to the highest accuracy and flexibility in the industry today.

Ease of use while maintaining total accuracy in concentricity, make the NG tooling solution a must for longer run times, better finish and quicker setups.

Patented clamping system utilizes replaceable clamping gibbs which take on the wear to allow the NG tool body to last for many years to come.

Investing in advanced machinery requires investing in advanced tooling solutions to achieve the most from equipment. Misenheimer NG insert tooling allows you to achieve maximum performance with the ease of maintaining in house.

NG Multi Profile tooling allows quick change for today’s just-in-time manufacturing and short run requirements. Axial and radial measurements are always constant to allow quicker change overs, meaning less down time.


The NG Multi pocket has been incorporated into a router body. This tool allows a range of profiles for CNC routing. The same accuracy and ease of insert change make this tool a must for CNC profiling applications.


Dedicated or Multi Profile NG tooling for your moulders are available up to 150mm wide in one piece. Multi piece units are possible for wider profiles. The performance of the NG system will save time and money with fast change overs and in most cases will reduce sanding on finished parts.


Misenheimer NG Multi is an extremely flexible solution to any short run application. Quick and accurate change of profile for almost any machine using a shaft or tool holder can be achieved with an NG Multi tool body.


Multi knife high speed tooling for hardwood or laminate flooring is only successful with highly accurate tooling. Misenheimer has been successfully producing tooling for the flooring industry for many years. Speeds of 550fpm are achieved in hardwood application with multi knife NG tooling. This application demands high accuracy, dependable tooling. This is a testament of the NG system.